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“As a doctor at You - by Dr Shauna Watts, I fully understand that nobody’s face or skin is the same. We cater to you and your individual concerns by customising a treatment and experience that is as unique as you are.”

Dr Shauna Watts

A highly sought-after and established medical clinician, Dr Shauna Watts is a certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician and a popular lecturer at The University of Sydney Medical School, with a fellowship with the Australian College of GPs.

It is in the field of aesthetic medicine where Dr Shauna excels. Her expertise, knowledge, dedication to learning and desire for the best for her clients exudes through her bubbly yet professional personality. Dr Shauna strongly believes that by staying up to date with the latest science, using cutting-edge technologies and the finest medical-grade products, she can help people reach their goals quickly and effectively.

Her commitment to helping you look and feel your personal best is genuine and is the reason why You – by Dr Shauna Watts was created.

Dr Peter McGimpsey

After emigrating to Australia in 2013, the popular clinician Dr Peter McGimpsey worked in a practice in Toukley – due to his popularity, he had to close his books after only a short period of time. Currently, he is a GP in Terrigal and once again his books have quickly become closed due to patient demand.

Over the last three years Dr Peter has become increasingly interested in aesthetic medicine, with a Diploma in this specialty. Dr Peter particularly enjoys working with clients in the You – by Dr Shauna Watts clinic due to the amazing physical and emotional difference a good aesthetic treatment plan can provide a patient. He excels at creating bespoke plans for each patient that incorporates a process of skin rejuvenation and transforming a patient’s appearance in a subtle and refreshing way.

Our Philosophy

“Whether you’ve experienced treatments before or you’re curious but cautious about starting your aesthetic journey, you’ll feel safe and secure in my care.”

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