Menopause 16 Week Transformation Program

Welcome to the MENOPAUSE 16 Week Transformation, a holistic program crafted for women aged 40-60.

This program is designed to address the unique challenges and changes that come with menopause, focusing on nutrition, exercise, skincare, treatments, weight management, body sculpting, and self-care.

Our goal is to help you regain balance, confidence, and vitality during this transformative phase of life.

“Whether you’ve experienced treatments before or you’re curious but cautious about starting your aesthetic journey, you’ll feel safe and secure in my care.”
Dr. Shauna Watts

Your Goals

Increased Confidence:
Boost your self-esteem and overall well-being.

Hormonal Balance:
Restore hormonal equilibrium for better health

Improved Skin Health & Even Skin Tone:
Achieve a youthful appearance with an evidence-based skincare regime.

Optimised Nutrition:
Ensure your nutritional status and vitamin/mineral levels are at their best.

Enhanced Gut Health:
Improve digestive health and overall wellness.

Weight Management: Achieve weight loss if needed, and maintain a healthy weight.

Body Sculpting:
Tone and sculpt the abdomen, arms, and thighs.

Fitness and Strength:
Increase your physical fitness and muscle strength.


Week 1: Doctor appointment (blood tests, eating plan, referrals, DEXA scan), Cristal Clarity Facial, Skincare Assessment.

Week 2: Dietitian appointment, start gym training, walking program.

Week 4: TruSculpt appointment, Signature Treatment, Doctor appointment.

Week 6: LED Facial, Doctor appointment.

Week 8: Signature Facial, second Dietitian appointment.

Week 10: LED Facial, Doctor appointment.

Week 12: Signature Treatment.

Week 14: LED Facial, Doctor appointment.

Week 15: DEXA scan.

Week 16: Hydrafacial, final Dermal and Doctor appointment.

Total Value: $8,234
Cost: $4,971
Savings: $3,263

Includes free skincare worth $1,200, TruSculpt treatments worth $1,350, eating plan worth $500 and more!

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