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Planning Your Aesthetic Journey $195

*deducted from any treatment on the day

A bespoke consultation with our doctors to listen to your skin, aging and appearance priorities. An individualised plan is formulated to provide a process of aesthetic change over a specified timeframe with realistic and pleasing outcomes utilising skin care and other technologies within the clinic.

Observ 520 Complimentary Skin Analysis Our gift to you

Photos are taken of your skin under various light conditions. Enhanced daylight shows congestion and pore size, UV and Woods lights reveal photo-aging, pigment damage and vascular change – these images can then be interpreted to form a treatment plan best suited to you. The ultimate goal is to slow the progression of age related change and repair skin damage already caused by environmental factors like pollution and solar damage, thereby enhancing the skin quality and appearance.

Rationale EpiNova Brilliance facial $305

Through a tailored curation of treatment elements, micro-circulatory massage and LED light therapy. The results are an instant and long lasting skin luminosity and radiance.

YBDSW Signature treatment $450

A combination treatment to get the absolute best results. This includes a Rationale facial (explained above), a laser genesis treatment that gently resurfaces the skin and softens fine lines, pigmented areas and areas of redness, and finally a Red and Intrared LED treatment which enhances natural collagen within the skin surface.

Rationale Photo Genic
Resilience facial $240

Through a tailored curation of treatment elements, micro-circulatory massage and LED light therapy. The results are an instant and long lasting skin luminosity and radiance.

Skin booster $725

The ultimate skin luminosity treatment. A very fine filler is injected using a V2 injector gun, into the skin surface. The booster is made of natural hyaluronic acid and will enhance your own hyaluronic acid to promote improving results over time. The hyaluronic acid injected causes an amazing light reflecting luminosity to the skin surface. One treatment will provide a great result although 3 treatments over 3 months will give the ultimate long lasting rejuvenating effect.

Peel $395

A ‘non peeling’ skin peel which is a relaxing way to enhance the skins surface, removing the unwanted keratin, helping to treat fine lines and redness. Instant and long lasting results. For optimum results performed in groups of 3 peels, 2-4 weeks apart.

Laser Genesis $395

The ultimate in gentle laser treatments for fine lines, pigment, redness and general skin rejuvenation. No down-time required, this gentle treatment feels like warm raindrops and provides an even rejuvenated skin tone.

Hydrafacial $295

The Hydrafacial treatment cleanses, extracts and hydrates. It creates an instant lasting glow by cleansing and exfoliating the redundant top layer of skin, revealing a new skin layer. Then the debris from your pores is removed and a moisturiser applied. The last step involves an antioxidant serum with peptides to give an instant and long lasting glow.

Wrinkle Relaxers (toxin B) $15.90/unit

Advertising rules mean we cannot use the trade name for this well-known treatment. Used for stopping wrinkles occurring or progressing but can but used for excess sweating, teeth grinding and jaw line slimming.

Premium fillers from $725/ml

Teoxane fillers to restore facial shape and contouring, enhance natural shadowing and lift jowls, reduce nasolabial folds and strengthen jaw lines.

PRP $755 for first vial

*2 vials at the same treatment $1,400

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is a natural way of boosting skin rejuvenation, enhancing new collagen and elastin to treat photo-aging, pigment, redness and general skin health. A vial of your own blood is used to create the liquid gold that is injected using a V2 injector. Can be used on the face, hands, neck, upper chest and other areas eg stretch marks and scars. Can help with facial hair reduction and also hair regrowth in men.

Skin needling with SkinPen $395

The only TGA approved dermal needling device. This works causing micro trauma to the skin which invites all the healing molecules to the area and stimulates new collagen and elastin. Great for fine lines, skin thinning around the eyes and mouth, general skin rejuvenation and health. Dermal therapists are known for using this technique regularly on themselves monthly as it is so effective. Best results achieved in groups of 3 treatments performed 2-4 weekly.

Mint TM PDO Short Threads from $22/thread

An amazing technology. A short, absorbable suture is placed under the skin in areas of concern, which dissolves over a few weeks leaving fresh collagen in its wake. Amazing for tear troughs, laughter lines, top lip lines, jaw and neck tightening, softening of crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles. In fact, they can be used almost anywhere with minimal risk.

Mint TM PDO long thread lift Individual Quotes

Long, barbed threads are placed in strategic vectors over the area concerned which lift the affected area. Great for reducing the jowls and tightening necks.

LED light Therapy $125

The latest evolution in LED skin technology with 5 light wavelengths it can treat a number of skin conditions and also enhance other treatments. The red and infrared settings are great for age reduction and photo rejuvenation.

Laser for Pigmentation or Vascular conditions from $395

We have the most advanced laser with settings that treat various conditions but reduce down time. The system is designed to be the most comfortable laser on the market with an amazing cooling tip to minimise the discomfort during the treatment. Thread veins on the face or legs, diffuse vascular redness and pigmented areas can all be reduced effectively for a less blemished complexion.

Trusculpt ID $350 per hand piece

The most state of the art fat reducing technology. Utilising radiofrequency treatment that feels like a hot stone massage giving an average fat layer reduction of 24%. Suitable for abdomen, flanks, thigh, arms and under chin areas. Especially effective if used in conjunction with our realistic diet regime formulated by dieticians to give great, long lasting results.

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